Pettine bothered by leak allegations Dan Leberfeld

In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, Buffalo Bills defensive Mike Pettine, formerly on the Jets’ coach staff, was asked about the accusations that he was a leak/source, to some Jets writers, last year.

“In the fallout, a lot was made of the [leaking] thing, which bothered me,’’ Pettine told The Post. “I never addressed it publicly, because I was advised not to, but that bothered me because of lack of truth. All of a sudden everything coming out of the building was from me.

“It’s struck me as funny that now that I’ve left, information still finds its way out of the building. That bothered me personally, but you understand there’s going to be a lot of people who look for negatives and dwell on the negatives. That’s something you deal with and move on.’’

Nobody said “everything” came from him.

Just some of it.

He makes himself a victim in this quote.

I’m not buying that.