Pettine raves about Drew Coleman Dan Leberfeld

On Wednesday, Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine raved about nickel back Drew Coleman.
“I think he’s made the natural progression in year two of our system,” Pettine said. “I just think Drew is one of those guys where he maybe doesn’t have all the measurable that you would want, but he’s just a football player.  He makes plays.  He’s got good instincts.  Typically, when the game’s over and the smoke clears, you look at it and say, ‘Wow, Drew did a good job.’  He might not make flashy plays, but at the same time, he grades out real high. He’s always solid and does his job.  The one thing he does is he understands offenses better this year.  He understands how to play to his help better this year.  I think that’s shown on the field.”