Players Association needs to deal with reality Dan Leberfeld

The NFLPA doesn’t want a dime more from the NFL.
They just want the status quo.
The players want to continue under the terms of the old CBA.
But that 60-40 split, favoring the players, is untenable, according to the owners.
Personally, I think the players deserve a 60-40 split. They play perhaps the most dangerous sport in our country. It leads to a lifetime of pain, and often a shortened life.
But as much as they deserve to keep the old CBA, unfortunately, it’s not going to happen.
And the sooner they back off that position, the faster a new CBA will get done.
Many of the NFL owners have financial issues related to their OTHER businesses, and they need more money from their NFL enterprises. Remember, a lot of these guys made a bunch of their money in real estate, and that sector has been clobbered the last few years.
Also, I’m sure you all noticed, there were a lot of empty seats last year, and a bunch of blackouts. It was the worst blackout season in quite some time.
So DeMaurice Smith, and the union, need to get off their high horse, realize the days of the 60-40 split are over, give a few hundred million back, be creative, and get a new deal done.
This stinks for the players.
But it’s the reality.