Poor attendance should have no impact on decisions Dan Leberfeld

On Sunday, there was no traffic on the highways leading to MetLife Stadium

The parking lots were pretty empty; the stands as well.

But these factors should have no impact on any coaching or personnel decisions the Jets make after this season.

Everything the Jets do from this point on should be about “pure football.”

The Jets clearly signed Darrelle Revis, in part, for marketing reasons. That turned out to be a catastrophic move. He contributed to losses the last two years.

The Buffalo Bills hired Rex Ryan in 2015, in part, to sell tickets. It worked initially (record season-ticket sales in 2015), but it turned out to be a bad decision. He was fired earlier last week.

Of course the Jets’ brass needs to work their tails off this off-season to improve this team. That goes without saying.

But nothing should be done with the box office in mind.

It should be about “pure football.”

Marketing and personnel/coaching moves should never mix.