Post source needs patience Dan Leberfeld

Brian Costello wrote a story today for the New York Post on the Darrelle Revis’ soap opera.

“The Buccaneers are losing patience with the Jets, according to league sources, over the teams’ inability to strike a deal for the All-Pro cornerback,” wrote Costello. “The Buccaneers have told people around the league they may have to look at other options at cornerback soon if they can’t make a deal for Revis.”

Costello also quoted a league source who wasn’t impressed with how the Jets are handling the Revis’ trade talks.

“It’s amazing,” a league source said. “The Jets are going to screw this up.”

The league source needs to be more patient.

This is called “negotiating.” Or as Donald Trump would put it, “the art of the deal.”

Theoretically, the Jets are doing nothing wrong by taking their time, trying to get a blockbuster package in return for the star corner.

Honestly, they shouldn’t be criticized for this.

It’s smart business.