Is it unfair for him to say this about the Jets? Dan Leberfeld

Interesting comments from a prominent sports media figure about the Jets and free agent QB Kirk Cousins.

“If I were Kirk Cousins, I would not go to the New York Jets,” Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd said on February 20. “The New York Jets have not been a stable franchise, and one of the things Kirk Cousins is as a human being is a very stable human being.

“Sometimes you need to match your personality with a company, or it gets very frustrating. If you are a risk-taker, go to a company that takes risks. If you are a very stable, coachable guy, and that is what Kirk Cousins is, that is his personality, don’t go to the Jets.

“I think he’s a really stable kid – rock solid. I would call them ‘Futile Five’ in the NFL that are consistently chaotic – Cleveland, the Jets, Miami, Tampa and the Bears, and he’s too stable a kid to go to those unstable organizations.

“I told you this before, in my business, don’t chase money, chase management, there is a sea of money out there, there is not a sea of reliable management. It doesn’t matter if you are a stock broker or a landscaper, don’t chase money, chase stability, because unstable environments unravel your business, unravel you, they are frustrating. His personality doesn’t match the Jets at all. He would become wildly frustrated.”

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