Who is this sleazebag? Does anyone know? Dan Leberfeld

NFL Network personality Daniel Jeremiah quoted an unnamed NFL executive saying, “I think the Jets might have the worst roster I’ve seen in a decade.”

First of all, why is the league’s own network crapping on the Jets, hurting their business? Aren’t the Jets partners in this network?

Secondly, why doesn’t this punk executive put his name on the quote? Did this executive, who clearly lacks integrity, go over every roster, for every team, over the last decade, before reaching this conclusion? Unless this genius did that, his theory is intellectually bankrupt.

Look, I have no idea how the Jets are going to do this year. I’m not Nostradamus. I don’t have a crystal ball.

And neither does the coward executive behind this quote.

Put your name on the statement dude, or just worry about your own team.

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