Q-and-A with 1 of the greatest returners in NFL history Dan Leberfeld

Q)Rex Ryan says you making opposing coaches nervous . . .

Josh Cribbs: It’s a respect thing. I know a lot of punters, a lot of kickoff cover guys, a lot of kickers and a lot of head coaches, they’re going to kick it away (out of) respect. I’ll be ready to chase some balls, and if they say, “Hey, he doesn’t have it anymore,” I have to show them.

Q)Will you be returning kicks and punts?

Cribbs: Wherever they need me.  We talked about it. It’s a weekly decision, a gameday decision. We’re rotating reps, so whatever they need me (to do). Everyone knows what I can do, every team. The Patriots know what I can do and it’s up to me to prove it.

Q)Do you still have your speed?

Cribbs: Oh yeah, I’m going to get the job done. I’ve picked up some weight through the years, muscle-muscle mass. So, if somebody’s fast enough to catch up to me, they’re not going to be strong enough to bring me down. That’s kind of been my motto. I’m going to run through a kicker. I’m going to run through tackles, arm tackles.

You have to put a body on me to bring me down. That’s one thing I harp on. I’m going to keep my speed with power. I’m not going to be a fast, small guy. It’s a (combination) of speed and power.

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