Q-and-A with a QB prospect moving up the charts Dan Leberfeld

Former Rutgers and Pitt QB Tom Savage is skyrocketing up some draft boards. He has good size (6-4, 228), can make all the throws and has matured a great deal from his early days in New Brunswick. According to some reports, he could go high in the second round. Here is Part I of an interview with the Philadelphia-native . . .

Q)What do teams want to know about you during interviews?

Savage: My transfer stories, my whole journey in general and what it takes to be a good quarterback.

Q)What did you say about your transfer situation?

Savage: You see someone transfer twice your immediate thought is probably a red flag, there is something wrong. Obviously, my journey has been a little different. It’s helped me mature as a person and I wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

Q)Why did he transfer from Rutgers?

Savage: I left Rutgers my sophomore year. I got hurt. I lost my job. The kid went in there and played great for the team. Coach went with the hot hand. I was an 18 year old kid, bitter and ticked off. I thought I had all the answers and decided to leave. Obviously, looking back now I could have handled it a different way, But I definitely matured from the whole process. I grew from it and I’m happy to be where I am now.

Q)What did you learn from your college journey?

Savage: Patience was one of the things I needed to learn at that age. But you have early success and you don’t know why you have it. You think it’s easy and comes with the territory. Stick around, earn my spot back. Four years down the road you learn that.

Q)What attributes do you you bring to the NFL?

Savage: I definitely want to bring toughness. You have to be that guy who can take a couple of hits and keep your eyes down the field and still make the big-time throws you need to make. Everyone here has big arms. You have to be accurate. You have to be a poised quarterback and be able to handle the pressure.


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