Q-and-A with Alabama DT A’Shawn Robinson (6-4, 320) Dan Leberfeld

Q)Are there things you’d like to get better at?

A’Shawn Robinson – defensive tackle – Alabama: Everything. I feel like I can improve on everything. No matter what’s good and what’s bad, I feel like I can improve. But I most want to improve on my pass rush.

Q)How can you improve pass rush?

Robinson: Just get off the blocks faster. Stop patty-caking with the offensive linemen and just get off the block and go make the play.

Q)What attributes do guys who come through the Alabama system have?

Robinson: You develop discipline. You know exactly what you have to do, playing for Coach Saban. To be the best we can. To go out every day and give 100 percent no matter what it is – on and off the field. Just being a better man. So it really helped us playing for the University of Alabama.

Q)You are good with your hands. How did you develop that?

A: Coach Booth—he tells us try to choke someone. Anybody that ever just made you mad, just try to choke ‘em, choke ‘em to death . So I start squeezing, grabbing pads, just start squeezing, shaking, shaking the fillings out of ‘em. So that’s what we try to do every time we get our hands inside and grab em.

Q)What sets you apart in a great defensive line class?

Robinson: Strength. Power. Film. The way I use my hands. My athleticism, the way I’m coming off blocks, using my hands, running to the ball.

Q)How did you and Jarran Reed play off each other?

Robinson: We had each other’s back. If I was getting double-teamed, I knew he was going to make that play. If he was getting double-teamed, he knew I was going to make that play.

Q)3-4 end?

Robinson: I do see myself as a 3-4 end. I feel like that’s something I’ve been working on, working in Baton Rouge with coach Pete Jenkins, has really helped me to be a better rusher and to use my hands if I was out there on the edge.

Q)Can you describe what an NFL team will get in you?

Robinson: A great player. A high-motor player. Give great effort. Plays to best of his ability every single play. So they’re going to get all of that. I’m not gonna give them less than that.

Q)Did you grow the beard for intimidation?

Robinson: It wasn’t really intimidation thing. I got into college and I was going bald. So it was time to shave and grow a beard. I don’t really smile too often so people were like, “That dude looks old! He looks like he’s about 40 years old!” So I just OK. I like it. So it’s cool, looking old.

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