Q-and-A with an offensive tackle rising up charts Dan Leberfeld

Q)You seem to be gaining momentum since the college season ended . . .

Jason Spriggs – OT – Indiana: I think the Senior Bowl went well. Just trying to continue to be positive about it and keep my head down and keep working

Q)Describe yourself as a lineman . . .

Spriggs: I describe myself as more of an athletic lineman than most. I use that to my strength.


Spriggs: Especially in a zone scheme and being able to get around edges and get back against pass rushers.

Q)What kind of offense did you play in at Indiana?

Spriggs: I was very blessed to be in an offense that did a lot of things. We were multi-dimensional and that helped me a lot. We ran a very up-tempo offense, but we kind of hit everything . . . power schemes.

Q)Do you pride yourself on your durability – 46 starts in college . . .

Spriggs: That’s something I hold very highly. I had that black [mark] of the one missed start. It’s something I set out to do and I’m very happy I was able to do that.

Q)What is your most natural position?

Spriggs: I feel more natural at left tackle, but I’ve been working at both.

Q)How has your work on the right side gone?

Spriggs: It’s definitely not an easy thing to do, just switch from left to right. It wasn’t an easy thing for me. I’ve had to work on it quite a bit.

Q)What is something you need to work on?

Spriggs: I think late in the run game I tend to get a little bit high on my toes.

Q)Where do you expect to go in the draft?

Spriggs: I’ve seen I’ve been all over the board. It varies quite a bit. I’ve been all over the place, really. Anywhere from first, second, third round. I don’t pay attention to that.

Q)How did you fair against end Josy Bosa in the Ohio State game?

Spriggs: I think we both had our shots. I wouldn’t say either one of us came out of that game as the victor.

Q)Who was the toughest match-up you faced in college?

Spriggs: Honestly if I can take it to the Senior Bowl, Noah Spence was one of the best I played this year. Just the speed I wasn’t expecting. It wasn’t something we knew. It really put an emphasis on (making a) quick decision.