Q-and-A with Bowles on Cromartie Dan Leberfeld

Q)What is Antonio Cromartie’s status (with his knee injury)?

Todd Bowles: Week-to-week. He hasn’t done anything (in practice), so we’ll just take it day-by-day, week-by-week.

Q)What is your philosophy on playing veterans when they don’t practice?

Bowles: It’s a gut-feel and on an individual basis. You have to get to know the guy a little bit and know what his pain tolerance is and know that he’s not going to be out there for one play. It’s a gut feeling.

Q)With you knowledge of Cromartie, do you think he will play on Monday?

Bowles: I told him unless I see him running. That will be my determination not his. He may feel well in his mind and I may not see it, or he may feel well and he may look well and he may play. So, I’ll see later on in the week.

Q)How difficult it is to determine if an injured player will play because all players want to play?

Bowles: Well, the film doesn’t lie, practice doesn’t lie. You see what you see. If you see him limping, he’s not playing.

Q)Do you plan to use Marcus Williams or Buster Skrine at outside corner if Cromartie doesn’t play, and who would play in the slot?

Bowles: It varies from week-to-week. They’ve both done enough in the preseason and OTA’s where they’re interchangeable that way, so that won’t be a problem.

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