Q-and-A with Chiefs QB Alex Smith Dan Leberfeld

Q)What are you seeing from the Jets’ defensive line from your film study?

Alex Smith: They’re good; pretty good group. Every guy up there can go and get after it, run and pass. Definitely a big, big challenge. Those guys really set the tone for the defense.

Q)What makes Jeremy Maclin so good?

ASmith: Maclin to me is a guy who does a lot well. He has a lot tools. We can move him around. He’s extremely smart, extremely competitive.

Q)What was it like last week being without both your starting guards?

Smith: Nothing new around here or for any team. That is the nature of the O-Line. It’s a physical, physical position. Those guys are going to get banged up. Things are going to happen. Guys (backups) need to be flexible. That is the nature of the game in the NFL.

Q)How good can Travis Kelce be?

Smith: A guy that has a lot tools. He can move around and do a lot of different things. As he’s gotten older, he can handle everything – run and pass. Everything we asked him to do, he’s handled it and taken off with it.

Q)What has it been like having Nick Foles there?

Smith: It’s been great to add a guy who has that kind of experience in the NFL in the quarterback room, to be able to bounce things off of, talk to on the sideline, in the film room, help prepare. He’s been a great addition.