Lee often covered receivers in college Dan Leberfeld

Here is an interview with Jets first round pick Darron Lee from before the draft . . .

Q)What is your ideal playing weight?

Darron Lee: Between 235, 238. That’s ample for me carrying it around.

Q)Did you play any safety at Ohio State?

Lee: No, I did not play any safety.

Q)Will your weight have an impact on your career?

Lee: I can play at that weight. I have really no concerns about it, to be honest with you. As long as I’m able to play fast, that’s all that matters to me.

Q)What do you bring to a defense?

Lee: I know a lot of teams are looking for speed. I feel that’s something I’ll be able to do.
I feel linebackers are changing in the league, to be honest – a lot smaller. There aren’t really too many bigger guys. The game is getting faster and you need guys to cover.

Q)What do you need to work on?

Lee: Consistency in technique for sure. I think if I can show being consistent in my technique and even showing that on the field, that will get you out of some tough situations and help you play fundamentally sound.

Q)What were your main responsibilities in college?

Lee: It was a mixture. It was a mix of everything, zone coverage and man coverage. It really depended on who we were playing that week and what coaches wanted to do. So it really depended on game plan.

Q)Cover a lot of backs?

Lee: No. Sometimes it would be tight end and sometimes it would even be speed receivers. I probably have some help here and there a little bit with a safety, but there’d be sometimes I’d have to cover speed receivers.

Q)What’s the attitude when you’re out on the field?

Lee: Play with a passion and energy, that’s just my game. I like getting my guys hyped up so they can go and make a play. That’s what I’m all about. I’ve always been about that from when I was yay high and that won’t stop when I get to the league.”