Q-and-A with DE Bronson Kaufusi Dan Leberfeld

Q)Where are you most comfortable on the field?

Bronson Kaufusi – DE – BYU: I feel most comfortable in a five-technique with my hand in the ground just because rushing is what I like to do. Being in the five-technique is my base.

Q)Why should a team invest a high-round draft choice on you?

Kaufusi: I feel like I can make a difference right away. I’m a quick learner. I pick up things fast. I have the ability to get on the field and make plays right away.

Q)How do you think you will handle the transition?

Kaufusi: Being able to learn the defense and pick it up fast is what’s really going to help me.

Q)Your father, Steve, is the defensive line coach at BYU. What was it like growing up around a father who is a football coach?

Kaufusi: When you’re growing up, you’re around the game. I remember my family, for fun, we’d go to practice. I loved it. Football games were huge. Bowl games – we look forward to that time of year. There’s no off-season. I learned that real fast when I was young. Going to spring ball, workouts. As a kid, I wanted to be all around it as much as I could. It’s been a big help being around that since I was born.

Q)You went to BYU for football and hoops. Has football always been your No. 1 sport?

Kaufusi: Definitely. That’s why I elected not to play basketball my second year of college. I knew I was switching positions and wanted to put everything into that.

Q)What was your experience at linebacker in college?

Kaufusi: I felt like it was a great experience for me. I learned the defense from a different point of view. Learned the coverages, learn a lot I wouldn’t have learned as a defensive lineman.

Then to go back (to the defensive line), I knew where guys were fitting behind me. I knew where everyone needed to be as a defensive end, so it was a great opportunity for me to learn even more to help the defense.

Q)What was it like watching film with you dad?

Kaufusi: When I was a kid, he watched a lot of film. I’d go in there and he’d be grading stuff. He’d take me with him and I’d just be sitting there as a kid watching him. He didn’t say too much. As time went on, it got more serious. High school, I’d come out and watch film with him.

Q)Did you pick his brain a lot?

Kaufusi: I’d ask him questions as soon as I put the pads on. I started playing in eighth grade. I’d ask him a lot and he’d share things with me. Come to my games and watch and, at halftime, share things with me. It helped a lot. Having a guy who played at the highest level (1989-90 with the Eagles) and coached for so many years give instant feedback was really special.

Q)How would you describe your basketball game?

Kaufusi: When I played, I had a role. Get rebounds, set hard screens. That was my main job. I felt like I wasn’t able to show my full basketball game of scoring because I had a role.