Q-and-A with Germain Ifedi Dan Leberfeld

Q)Are you prepared for NFL pass blocking?

Germain Ifedi – OT – Texas A&M: I definitely think I’m prepared. We threw the ball a lot and had two really good defensive ends at our school right now that will probably be coming out next year. We have some good pass rushers so I think I’m pretty ready pass-rushing wise.

Q)Can you talk about the influence of your parents (Nigerian immigrants) . . .
Ifedi: I credit them tremendously. They instilled that hard work in me from the very beginning from where I first started elementary school.
It’s grown throughout my life and through college – work hard and you’ll reach your different goals and pinnacles you want to reach.

Q)What do your parents do?

Ifedi: My mom is a parole officer. My father works for United Airlines. My mom is also a part-time nurse.

Q)Do you think you will go in the first round?

Ifedi: I always have hope. I’m always confident in my abilities, confident in the product I put on the field. It comes down to what the teams like, but I just feel confident I can be a first-round pick.

Q)It was a rough year for the Aggies. How do you think you played?

Ifedi: I thought I played well. The team struggled, but I thought I played well. Every offensive lineman has some plays where they struggled, but overall I thought I played very well and had my best season in my short college career.

Q)Why should a team pick you in the first round?

Ifedi: Just the player I am, the football intelligence, the aggressiveness and nastiness I play with, the versatility I bring to the field, a lot of things you want in an offensive lineman, I think I bring to the table, the leadership aspect, everything you want I think I bring to the table.

Q)Tackle or guard on the next level?

Ifedi: I like both positions. I play both positions and I think I’ve excelled at both positions. I don’t prefer either one. Wherever they want me to play, I’ll play and enjoy it.