Q-and-A with Idzik on Goodson release Dan Leberfeld

Q)Why was Mike Goodson released?

John Idzik: We are releasing Mike today with the designation of “left squad”. Obviously it is disappointing. Like we do with all of our players, we gave Mike, we feel in good conscious, every opportunity here with the Jets and unfortunately it didn’t work out. So we made the move ultimately that we felt was best for the team.

Q)Is the team worried about an injury grievance from Goodson?

Idzik: No. We just acted on what we had in front of us.

Q)Has there been contact with Goodson?

Idzik: I won’t get into personal conversations that we have with others (Rex Ryan said there hasn’t been contact).

Q)Is it disappointing to have it end like this with Goodson?

Idzik: Sure it’s disappointing. We had a luxury of time in the offseason. We took advantage of that. We wanted to see this through.

Q)When was the decision made?

Idzik: I don’t know if there was an absolute time. This has kind of been building, but today with minicamp, this is mandatory minicamp, we expect all our guys to be here, so I think this was an appropriate time.

Q)Did they expect him to be here even if he couldn’t practice?

Idzik: It’s a mandatory minicamp so everyone who is under contract should, in our eyes, should be at mandatory minicamp.

Q)Do you regret signing Goodson or feels like the team overlooked something in the course of performing its due diligence?

Idzik: Well, there is a certain element that we’re in the human business. We certainly do our due diligence. You can do as much research as you can, but you’re really not going to know for sure until you get that individual in your organization and try to acclimate them to what you want to do.

Q)Will the team try to recoup his signing bonus?

Idzik: We won’t get into that.

Q)Was “left squad” the reason the team used for releasing Goodson?

Idzik: That’s really an NFL term. It’s really procedural. So this was the first mandatory event of the season and the next of course being preseason training camp. So when you miss a mandatory event like that then we’re able to use that designation.