Johnson very high on Bostick Dan Leberfeld

Q)does Jace Amaro’s hand size create a challenge?

Jets TE coach Jimmie Johnson: I don’t know what hand size is.

Q)He has very small hands . . .

Johnson: He’s done a good job catching the ball regardless of the size of his hands.

Q)What does Brandon Bostick bring to the table?

Johnson: Bostick is a big, athletic body. He’s strong. He’s shown so far to be pretty good in the running game and with his pass protection. He’s a reliable pass-catching tight end. What I mean by that is when the ball comes his way, he catches it.

Q)Is Kellen Davis one of the best blocking tight ends in the league?

Johnson: Without a doubt. Without a doubt. That is something he does very well.

Q)What makes him so good as a blocker?

Johnson: He’s strong. This is Year Nine for him. He’s seen a lot. He’s intelligent. He recognizes fronts. He understands what they are trying to do up front.

Q)How is Wes Saxton doing?

Johnson: He’s trying to work his way back in. He’s coming off his injury. He was doing great prior to getting hurt in terms of running routes and catching the ball. He’s another guy, like the rest of [the young guys] who needs to improve with their in-line blocking and pass protection. Prior to getting hurt he was doing good, he was doing real good.
It’s good to have him back. We are trying to work him in slowly. He’s back, but he’s not back. You know when you come back from an injury you are trying to gain some confidence and feel good about it. But it’s good to have him back out there running around.