Q-and-A with John Idzik Dan Leberfeld

Q)Have you talked about a contract extension for Coach Ryan?

Idzik: We won’t get into any contract talks or anything like that. 

Q)Did you reach out to other head coaching candidates late in the year – it was reported Rex said that in a team meeting before the Cleveland game. 

Idzik: What is said in team meeting and what is discussed internally will remain so.

Q)So you did not reach out to other coaching candidates . . .

Idzik: I’m not going to comment on anything that we may or may not have discussed internally. That’s for us and for our ears only.

Q)Do you hope to agree to an extension with Coach Ryan?

Idzik: Again, we won’t talk about anything contractual.

Q)Will Nick Mangold start in 2014?

Idzik: We haven’t put (out) a starting lineup for our (opening game). I don’t even know who we’re playing the first game of 2014.