Q-and-A with Kacy Rodgers about the Tennessee job #TennesseeVols Dan Leberfeld

Q)Has the University of Tennessee approached you about their coaching vacancy?

Kacy Rodgers – Jets Defensive Coordinator: I really don’t want to talk about Tennessee with all due respect. I’mjust concentrating on Kansas City.

Q)There was a published report (Daily News) stating they expressed interest in you . . .

Rodgers: I have no idea in all honesty. I’ve been concentrating on Kansas City.

Q)Is it possible they’ve reached out to his agent?

Rodgers: I haven’t talked to him, so I have no idea.

Q)Are you interested in the job?

Rodgers: I’m just interested in Kansas City. (Tennessee) is my alma mater, right now I’m interested in Kansas City.

Q)Do you have any thoughts on what’s transpired at Tennessee?

Rodgers: I really haven’t thought about it. I’m just concentrated and we’re trying to get ready for Kansas City.

Q)Do you think Greg Schiano was treated fairly?

Rodgers: I really have no comment. I really don’t know what to say, right, wrong or indifferent.