Q-and-A with Schilens, who played well today Dan Leberfeld

Q)How bad was the Holmes’ injury?

Chaz Schilens: Obviously, it looked pretty bad. If he’s going to come out of the game, he’s a pretty tough guy, it’s got to be something that’s not so good. So we’ll see.

Q)Why did the offense struggle today?

Schilens: It was rough. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. We didn’t stay on the field, we had turnovers, guys got hurt, their team capitalized on what we did wrong. It wasn’t a good feeling.

Q)Why was the offensive execution so bad?

Schilens: We had drives and then they went horribly wrong. It seemed like we executed to a point and then we shot ourselves in the foot. Give them credit, they capitalized on what we did bad. If we had done what we were supposed to do it, (it) wouldn’t have been that score at all.