Q-and-A with TE Jerell Adams (4.6 speed) Dan Leberfeld

Q)What did you think of your senior season?

Jerell Adams – Tight End – South Carolina: It was not as good as I thought it was going to be. We struggled with the quarterback situation. Of course, the coach leaving in the middle of the year. I feel like it could have been a whole lot better than what it was.

Q)How did the Senior Bowl go?

Adams: I thought I had a good week down there. I think I raised my stock a little bit.

Q)You have worked with Anthony Becht . . .

Adams: Anthony is a good guy. We worked on one-on-one drills and catching drills. A good bit of stuff. He helped me out a lot.

Q)How difficult is it to be productive when you have three starting QBs?

Adams: It was kind of hard, but you just had to focus on yourself and do the best you can when you got the ball in your hands. The game plan kind of stayed the same.

Q)What do you bring to a team?

Adams: I feel like I’m a great teammate, a great leader, very coachable. I just play hard, give it 100 percent in everything I do.

Q)Do you think you’re an every down TE?

Adams: Yes, I believe so.

Q)Do the NFL folks ask you why you weren’t more productive at South Carolina?

Adams: Sometimes they do but a lot of them know we struggled offensively with the quarterback and the coaching staff. Some of them, do but a lot of them don’t.
I just tell them I am what I put on film. I tried to make the best on what I do.

Q)What was the feedback you got at the Senior Bowl?

Adams: A lot of scouts said I had a great week down there. A lot of coaches said they didn’t think I was as tough as I was, that I could hold a block as long as I could. I felt like I had a great week down there.

Q)Do you feel like your draft status has improved since the end of the season?

Adams: Yes, my draft status has improved a lot.

Q)Do you have an idea of what it is now?

Adams: No, I only set one goal in life and that’s to get better every day no matter what I am doing, be better than the day before.

Q)How much did you play with your hand on the ground?

Adams: It was kind of split 50-50.

Q)Do you pattern your game after anybody else?

Adams: No, I try to set the pattern for myself.

Q)Do you have a favorite?

Adams: Gronkowski, because he’s a good blocker and a good catcher.

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