Q-and-A with Marshon Lattimore Dan Leberfeld

*Q)What was the turning point, where you felt your health issues were finally behind you?

Marshon Lattimore – Ohio State: After camp (last summer), where I felt most comfortable where I was at. I made it through a whole camp. The previous two years I didn’t make it through three days of practice. Just to make it through the whole camp I knew I had good hopes of a good season.

Q)What was the key to having a healthy season – is some of it luck?

Lattimore: Just doing something different. It’s not luck at all. I did yoga, I did extra strengthening exercise. It’s not luck, no.

Q)How is your hamstring?

Lattimore: I’m a hundred percent right now.

Q)Ohio State has become a factory for cornerbacks. What have you learned from the guys before you?

Lattimore: I played with Eli (Apple), so I learned a lot from him. I learned a lot from Bradley Roby at camp, I wasn’t there when he was there, so I just talked to him, asked him about certain techniques. They give me feedback all the time, even with Gareon [Conley], he started a year before I did, so I look to all of them for help.

Q)Do you think you could be a top five pick?

Lattimore: I got the confidence that I’m one of the best, but I had to get healthy enough to show that I’m one of the best and that’s what I did this year.

Q)How tough was that stretch where you had trouble staying healthy?

Lattimore: It was frustrating. But all the coaches were telling me I had a bright future so stick with it. I talked to my parents a lot about it. They always keep me up.

Q)What kept you motivated during the down time?

Lattimore: Just knowing where I came from. That’s what motivated me the most. Knowing I don’t want to go back there, I want to do it for someone more than me, my mother, my whole family.

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