Q-and-A with Bowles on Pryor’s injury Dan Leberfeld

Q)Did Terrelle Pryor suffer a setback with his ankle?

Todd Bowles: He’s just a little injured, but not in the same area.

Q)Was it an injured ankle the reason Pryor was not at practice [on Tuesday}?

Bowles: Correct

Q)Is Pryor’s ankle injury minor?

Bowles: It’s an ankle. It’s an injury. It’s May. I am not really going to talk about our injury, but he’ll get out there the best he can when he’s ready.

Q)Has Pryor has been at the practice facility?

Bowles: Yes, he’s here.

Q)Is Pryor’s injury related to the injury that cost him time last year?

Bowles: I’ll get into injuries when it’s time for me to talk about injuries.

Q)Has Pryor indicated a preference to rehab away from the facility?

Bowles: I’ll get into injuries when it’s time to talk about injuries.

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