Q-and-A with underrated TE prospect Dan Leberfeld

Q)You didn’t have the big numbers of some of the other tight ends in this draft  – why is that?

Arthur Lynch (Georgia): But I think if you look at the film, those guys haven’t had nearly the same things I’ve had to do and [continued] to do throughout my career at Georgia. I’ve had to block the best players in the country for four years. There isn’t a tight end in the SEC that’s done that, and I’ll continue to do that at the next level. I can block the power. I can block the speed.

I can go down the seam and catch the ball. I can do intermediate routes. I think my film as a collective whole and my body of work is much different than anybody else in this draft from a tight end standpoint. I’ve got the size. I think I’ve got the physical ability to do well.

I also think I have the mental ability and the mental capacity to grasp an NFL playbook, and really excel at the next level. And I think that kind of gives me a leg up from the other tight ends in this draft.”

Q)Is there anyone in the NFL that you feel like your game is comparable to?

Lynch: I’ve always kind of looked up to Jason Witten. He’s a guy that was never seen as that 4.4 guy, that 4.5 guy or the biggest, the strongest or the fastest. But he’s been so meticulous throughout his career. He’s been so adamant about doing the little things right, both on and off the field. His reputation precedes him as a Pro Bowler and also as an awesome guy off the field. For me, I’ve always tried to model myself after him.

Obviously that’s a bold statement. The guy’s a [12-year] veteran who will be in the Hall of Fame one day. But if I can do half of what he did, I’ll have a pretty good career I think. He’s a guy that I’ll continue to look up to and kind of model my game after.

Q)Coming from Dartmouth, Massachusetts, how cool would it be to play for the Patriots?

Lynch: The Patriots obviously I grew up pulling for them. I think in my fifth grade goals for life, it was to play for the Red Sox, the Celtics, the Bruins and the Patriots.

I’m grateful for every opportunity. But if the Patriots, great. If they don’t, if it’s the Jets, then I’m just going to have to beat the Pats twice a year.


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