Q-and-A with WR Laquon Treadwell. The next Dez Bryant? Dan Leberfeld

Q)Do questions about your speed bother you?

Laquon Treadwell – WR – Ole Miss: The questions, they don’t really bother me. I still have to go out there and play and have the production on the field. I don’t let it get to me.

Q)Do you think it’s fair you’re pegged a possession receiver?

Treadwell: I don’t. I think I’ll only get better. I’ll just continue to push myself to get better, and my game will show eventually. Learn from guys that’s already there on the team that I’m drafted to.

Q)What is your favorite route?

Treadwell: I don’t have a favorite route honestly. I work on them all just as much as I would work on a slant or a fade. Just love playing football, love the game. Passionate for it, and just ready to get back to work.

QIs there anyone in the NFL that you model your game after?

Treadwell: I do like the way Dez Bryant plays, the way he attacks the ball and makes plays, makes the difficult plays, so there are similarities there, but I don’t like to model myself after anyone. I have learned to create my own style of play.

Q)Who is the toughest DB you ever went against in college?

Treadwell: I mean, I wouldn’t consider anyone tough in college. You had teams that had great players. I just never got a one-on-one matchup where I (thought) that guy would stop me or that guy would shut me down. There were some great guys. Cyrus Jones, the guy from Florida, not Vernon Hargreaves, the younger guy. The Mississippi State cornerback was great.

Q)How tough was it to come back from such a tough injury (broken fibula and ankle)?

Treadwell: I feel blessed for sure. Coming back from that, having the team around me, the players to push me and my family to push me to get back, to inspire me to chase my dreams and believing in me.

Q)How did you get through it?

Treadwell: The first night I just told myself I knew how I got where I was. I knew what I had to do was work. Some days I would be down and be like, “Aw man, it’s tough,” but I just stayed with it, kept my faith. I just continued to work hard. It was night and day from 6 in the morning to 11 at night. Sometimes I would sleep in the facility and just stay up there and watch film, watch myself before and just try to get that comfort level, that confidence back.

Q)What do you think of the draft being held in your hometown (Chicago)?

Treadwell: It’s amazing. They say God works in mysterious ways. Just the draft being in Chicago, me being hurt last year then being back healthy and being able to be drafted in my home city, family going to be there. It’s going to be an amazing time for me. I’ll cherish it, and that’s something I’ll never forget.