Question Session – Rex on his future Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan was grilled today by the media about his future. Here is how it went . . .

Q)Has management discussed your job status with you?

Ryan: Guys, I think the entire organization is committed on trying to find a way to beat Miami. That’s the commitment that all of us have had to each other. We’re working on Miami. That’s where the focus is, 100 percent of the focus is. There is nothing past Miami. It’s all about getting ready to play Miami.

Q)What can you tell us about reports that you had received word that the team had been looking at replacements for you?

Ryan: Again guys, I’m not going there. Like I said, my focus is just on this Miami thing. We certainly had a good game against Cleveland. We have Miami left and that’s what I’m comfortable talking about. Any speculation about this or that, the only thing I can say is that we know what is in front of us and that’s a Miami Dolphins team that is a very talented team.

Q)What about the perception that you are disgruntled about your current situation?

Ryan: I’m not disgruntled about anything. I’m excited about the opportunity in front of us which is playing the Dolphins. Obviously, they had a great game against us last time, (it was) a very disappointing loss for us at home. We’re excited about getting the opportunity to play them again and see how we stack up right now against them. Obviously, the last time we played them they were much better than we were. It’s an opportunity for us, that’s why I’m not disgruntled at all. I’m excited about the opportunity right in front of me.

Q)Have Woody Johnson or John Idzik approached you about the media reports regarding your comments during Saturday’s team meeting?

Ryan: Our focus, what we talk about, is getting ready to play against the Dolphins. That’s really where the conversations have been. After you play a game, you talk about the game that you just played, what was positive, what was negative (and) how we can improve. Those are the things that you focus on and then right away it gets to the next week’s opponent. That’s where the conversations have been.