Reallocation rule impacting Revis Dan Leberfeld

ESPN’s Rich Cimini had an interesting story today about a rule impacting the Jets ability to give Darrelle Revis the monster extenstion he’s looking to garner.

“There is a little-known rule in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement that is having a big-time impact on the New York Jets’ stalled negotiations with star cornerback Darrelle Revis — and it likely will sabotage any chance of signing Revis to a contract extension before the start of the season,” wrote Cimini. “It’s called the “reallocation rule,” and it explains, in part, why the Jets’ offer to Revis includes virtually no fully guaranteed money. By “fully” guaranteed, we mean it’s guaranteed against skill and injury, ensuring the player gets paid no matter what.”

It’s only fair when writing about the Revis’ contract mess, it’s important to present both sides of the argument. And there are two legitimate sides to this nasty dispute. This story did present both sides fairly.