Redskins GM on why he picked Scherff over Williams Dan Leberfeld

Many scouts considered Jets first round pick, defensive end Leonard Williams, the best player in the 2015 draft.

So this left some wondering why the Washington Redskins picked offensive lineman Brandon Scherff over Williams, with the fifth pick in the draft. Williams went sixth overall.

“The thing about Leonard (Williams) — very good football player,” said Redskins GM Scott McCloughan. “I was hoping to be able to move back there and it didn’t happen. Everyone was talking about trading up, trading up to our spot but it was all for (Dante) Fowler. Once Fowler went (to the Jaguars), then all the talk went off the board. Leonard is a good football player. If for some reason Brandon (Scherff) would have been gone, he probably would have been your one seed. … Going into this thing I knew we needed some help up front on the offensive side and it was too good of a bang for the buck to not get Brandon there.”

Time will tell if the Redskins made a big mistake.

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