Releasing Scott? Dan Leberfeld

According to Newsday’s Rod Boone, Bart Scott likely played his last game as a Jet.

I’m sure Boone has a good source on this, but I’m not understanding this scenario.

When he took a paycut last summer, the Jets guaranteed his 2012 salary of $4.2 million.

So why on earth would you release him?

He’s still a good run defender, and also does a nice job of blowing up linemen, so others can make the tackle. He’s an average pass defender, so you don’t want him on the field on an obvious throwing down.

If the Jet moved on from him, and then they had a rash on injuries at ILB in training camp, how dumb would that move look?

Also, the Jets don’t have a lot of leaders, so why get rid of one of the few they have?

They should keep Scott one more year as part of their ILB rotation.

Releasing him would be foolish.