Revis questions Edwards Dan Leberfeld

All of sudden Darrelle Revis is worried about the Jets organization being embarrassed.

Revis, who embarrassed the Jets for months with his holdout (while under contract), enormous contract demands, and agents that smeared the organization on an almost daily basis, thinks the Braylon Edwards DWI, embarrassed the Jets.

“It is embarrassing because everybody is pointing the finger at us,” Revis said. “They say, ‘What happened now up in New York?’ We know things happen, but as players, we’ve got to be more careful. It’s a situation where he got jammed up. Me, truthfully, I don’t think he should’ve been out that late. Guys do their thing, but you’ve got to be responsible and careful.”
Perhaps it also embarrasses organizations when players call opponents “slouches.”

There is no doubt what Edwards did was wrong, but you have to wonder if Revis should be casting stones.