Revis’ quotes in Star-Ledger Dan Leberfeld

Darrelle Revis did an exclusive interview with the Newark Star-Ledger and about his contract situation.

And after reading the myriad quotes, it’s still hard to truly understand his position.

“I want to retire here,” Revis said in an interview with the Star-Ledger and “I think Mike (Tannenbaum) knows that. I think Rex (Ryan) knows that. (The Jets) drafted me, they gave me a chance, so yeah, I want to be here and never play for another organization again. If they feel that, if Mike feels that I’m that type of person to be here, then they will compensate me. If not, then it’s the business of it.

“People think I’m mad or unhappy. I’m not mad or unhappy. It’s a thing where some things were said, and I think that’s what people are really focusing on. It was a Band-Aid type of contract, and they were going to redo it or renew it, and it hasn’t happened yet.

“That was the initial talk of it. But it’s in a place where if Mike and them want to move on it, it’s really on them, on what they want to do. And then we’ll go from there. We’ll negotiate it out if that’s the case, and if not, then it’s not.

“I could come here every day and make a hassle, ‘I want to get paid,’ but if they don’t want to do that — if Mike doesn’t want to do that — then they don’t want to do that,” he said. “It might be that way. It might be they want to do it, but they’ve got to figure out the best situation to get it done.

“I saw a report on (TV), ‘Oh, he’s making this much this year, and he wants a new contract.’ Who doesn’t want a new contract? You can ask anybody in here, but the thing is if I really said it or not. I never came out and said, ‘I demand a new contract.’ I know what situation I’m in. I’ve got two years left on this deal, and when the time comes for Mike and Mr. Johnson and my representatives to talk and hash it out and figure out what is best for this organization or what’s best for me, then we’ll move forward.”

The Star-Ledger and did a nice job of getting this one-on-one, but I have no idea what Revis is saying here.

Okay, is he going to hold out?

Hard to tell.