Rex and Idzik need to have a heart-to-heart Dan Leberfeld

Florham Park – After Rex Ryan’s press conference today, one writer commented, “He looked like he was making a hostage video.”

Another commented, “It’s like ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers,'” it’s like a robot has taken over Rex’s body.”

It seems like Ryan is conducting himself in a fashion that he thinks will appease his new boss, John Idzik, who is much more conservative than the coach.

But you know what, if it’s indeed true that Ryan needs to win this year to keep his job, he should do things his way. Go out with a blaze of glory – be himself.

Don’t be some other person in attempt to curry favor with the boss.

He needs to meet with Idzik and say, “John, I can’t act this way anymore – if I’m going to coach the team this year, I’ve got to be me.”

This game of charades needs to end.

It’s not good for Rex.

And it’s not good for the Jets.