Rex is wrong about this Dan Leberfeld

The Jets have a lot of issues, but this isn’t one of them.

“This team doesn’t want to play with any damn heart,” said the team’s former head coach Rex Ryan on ESPN.

Ryan was mostly focused on the team’s defense in his comments on Monday, blasting the team’s current head coach, Robert Saleh. He had a lot more to say than just the quote above.

Not sure this particular quote is entirely on the mark. The Jets play very hard and with “heart.” They are just, too often, not playing very smart. There’s a difference.

It’s not an effort or toughness issue, but more related to some players lacking ideal instincts, some being rushed into action before they were ready, and also a defensive scheme that is perhaps too predictable at times.

But the defensive players are flying around out there playing with a lot of effort and toughness.

“Heart” is not the problem.


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