Rex must be very happy now – a player he hates is gone Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan hates Greg McElroy.

So he must be a happy man this afternoon. The Jets have released McElroy.

Ryan has never forgiven McElroy was his comments on an Alabama radio station about the awful state of the Jets locker room in 2011.

The truth hurts.

And Ryan has been shooting the messenger ever since.

The summer after those comments, in training camp, a bunch of players were joking around on the practice field with Ryan, and the coach said something to the effect of, “Shut up McElroy, you f-ed me.”

Ryan also insulted McElroy to the media this summer.

So this quote that Ryan has pulled out on many occasions, including for Mike Goodson the other day, didn’t apply to McElroy.

“Everybody makes mistakes,” Ryan says. “Every person in here has made mistakes and I know I’ve made plenty and they’re well documented. So for me to pass judgment on somebody, I’m just happy that the young man is back with us.”