Rex needs to change Dan Leberfeld

After Joe Namath said Rex Ryan has created a team that is overconfident, and might not have been prepared for Oakland, the coach fired back.

“I welcome him to come out here and watch our guys prepare,” Ryan said. He’d see a team that, in my opinion, prepares as well as any team I’ve been around. I disagree with him.

“The great thing is I’m confident with our football team. There’s no question about it. I’ve told you this many times, I’ve never gone into a game I didn’t think I’d win. (I) haven’t won them all, but I certainly think we can and will. I’m not going to change who I am because Joe Namath said something.”

He might not need to change who he is, but he might need to make some changes with his team.

The Jets run defense was awful in Oakland, and he needs to make some changes there.

Even though you won’t read this many places, Mark Sanchez needs to play better. He needs to be more consistent and accurate. Rex needs to try to make some changes here to attempt to improve this serious problem.

Antonio Cromartie was called for four penalties in Oakland. Rex needs to make some changes in his technique, which is often suspect.

So yes, Rex needs to change, a lot of things about his football team, that is.