Rex not going to tell you Dan Leberfeld

On the subject of Brian Schottenheimer’s future, it would be best to ignore Rex Ryan.

Whatever is truly going on, Rex is not going to tell you. So while following this story, it would be best to ignore him.

“Barring a miraculous run through the AFC playoffs, the Jets will revamp their offensive coaching staff, despite an organizational philosophy of stability, sources say,” reporters ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Mortensen is close with Jimmy Sexton, who represents Schottenheimer, and a number of other coaches.

So don’t pay any attention to Rex on this one.

We have no issue with the Jets moving on from Schottenheimer (he should want to move on, also), but the big mistake here is blaming all the Jets offensive woes on Schotty, and not  a lot of them on a one-read QB, who struggles reading defenses.