Rex on his weight loss success Craig Thomas

Rex Ryan has lost over 100 pounds since having lap band surgery following the 2009 season.

What has been the key?

“I’ve changed my eating habits, I’ve learned how to eat like a normal person, I guess,” Ryan told WLNY (Channel 55) “It’s really worked.

“This way, I’m able to select healthier foods and can cut out the unnecessary calories that often go into the preparation of our meals when we dine out at restaurants.

“[The band] is just a little thing that goes around the portion of your stomach – it’s like a filter type of thing. You definitely get full faster, but the beauty of the lap-band is that I can eat whatever I want, but you learn portion control.

“You have to get the right surgeon. To have that kind of success, you need the right surgeon. It’s not just about doing the surgery, it’s about the follow up as well. With the lap band, you can make adjustments.”