Rex on Sanchez and no-huddle Craig Thomas

Mark Sanchez seems to play better in a no-huddle offense. Here is Rex Ryan on that topic –

“We thought that helped us in this game. Sometimes, it’s a feeling out process. Obviously we thought we were going to run the ball more than we did last night, but that never happened. You have to give credit to my brother (Rob Ryan) and to Dallas. They took that run away from us, so we had to make adjustments. We did a few different things with our three tight end sets and, at the end of the day, we thought it was best to work on some no-huddle.

“As far as starting out in it, we think we’re an excellent running football game. I think if you get into that no-huddle, I think you’re more of a passing attack than we probably want to be.

“I think Mark has done a great job in those no-huddle attacks.

“Right before half was a great example. When we went to that no-huddle, we got them on their heels a little bit, and I thought we gained some momentum. We open up the half and try to go (with) those three tight ends. We knew we were going to have [the no-huddle] in our pocket. That’s what happened. We didn’t think our defense was going to let them go down the field and score another touchdown the first drive, but then we went into that no-huddle attack.”