Rex on the seventh lineman Dan Leberfeld

The Jets are so thin on the offensive line, one of their newest players, added over the weekend, will have to be the seventh lineman for the Dallas game. It will be either Caleb Schlauderaff or Collin Baxter, both interior linemen.
“One of these young offensive linemen are going to have to step in there, and would be our seventh guy this week,” Ryan said. “So you hope you don’t have to play him, but you have to coach them up. Obviously, we have Bill Callahan coaching our offensive line, but it’s going to be a huge challenge to get [them] up to speed. But we have two shots at it, (as) we look at it. So we’ll see what happens.”
Schlauderaff is probably the leader out of the clubhouse. Remember, the Jets made a trade with Green Bay to get him. Baxter was a waiver claim.