Rex panders to Bruschi Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan was asked about the Tebow-Bruschi saga, and brought nothing to the table.

“First off, I have a great deal of respect for Tedy Bruschi,” Ryan said. “My brother has two Super Bowl rings in which he was a big factor in. I think with us, we’re going to be ourselves. Tim (Tebow) is a very popular player obviously, a popular person, and I think that’s a good thing. Everybody wants to focus on the negative, I think it’s a real positive. I look at him and he’s a good football player and a heck of a person. I don’t know where that’s a problem for any team, especially for us. We like the fact that he’s on our team.”

First of all, Ryan didn’t even address the thrust of Bruschi’s criticism of Tebow, regarding doing too many interviews.

Secondly, why suck-up to Bruschi in the quote, when the former Patriot unfairly trashed one of your players?