Rex partly to blame for Coples Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan was ticked off at Quinton Coples last night.

“I wasn’t as happy this game (with Coples) as I was previously,” Ryan said. “I thought he got winded a little bit. He kind of had a woe-with-me when we took out the starters. Hey look, you’re still a rookie, you have to play the whole game and then some. They ran the ball on us with our second group in there and I never like to see that.”

Sorry Rex, but you are partly to blame for this.

Because you put some rookies in Canton too quickly.

You anointed Coples a starter right after drafting him, replacing Mike DeVito, with no competition.

And now you are surprised it’s gone to his head, and he wanted to leave the game with his fellow starters?

If you made him fight for a starting job, this likely would not have happened.

Making people pay their dues is never a bad thing.