Rex raves about Bart Scott Craig Thomas

On Thursday, Rex Ryan couldn’t say enough good things about veteran linebacker Bart Scott

“I think Bart, he’s ready to be Bart Scott, the guy that we brought in here,” Ryan said. “I think when we look at it, Bart would tell you that he had kind of a disappointing year last year just like I’ll tell you I had a disappointing year last year.  Bart and I, we want to have a great year this year.  I think you see that.

“In the sub-package (at Thursday’s practice), we moved Bart to ‘Mike’ backer. You see that energy.  I think he’s the type of guy that has that personality that his teammates respond. When Bart’s up, the team’s up.  That’s what it seems like to me.  He’s a guy that’s been jumping out at me.  He’s had a great off season.  The fighting spirit that Bart has, I think you see it out there. It’s evident. “