Rex Ryan can be successful with the New York Jets, but . . . Dan Leberfeld

It’s very simple.

Well it’s not simple, but it has to happen for Rex Ryan to have a successful season.

He has got to get better quarterback play – more consistent quarterback play.

His defense should be very good.

Ben Kotwica’s special team’s should be solid.

But this is a quarterback-driven league.

Look at the team’s that are consistently in the playoff mix – Tom Brady’s Patriots, Drew Brees’ Saints, Peyton Manning’s Colts and now the Broncos, Aaron Rogers’ Packers, and so forth.

We can rip Rex or this or that shortcoming, but let’s be honest, with better play at quarterback, we’d probably be talking about him in a different light.

Now some of the blame for the Jets’ QB inconsistency belongs at his doorstep, like probably hiring the wrong offensive coordinator last year, or sticking with a quarterback too long.

I’m just saying, this league is all about the quarterback.

A coach with a great quarterback, it’s amazing how that raises his IQ.

But the bottom line is Rex better make the right decisions (it could turn into more than one) at quarterback this year, or it could be another long season for his team.

And he might be looking for a job next off-season.