Rex Ryan on importance of Dustin Keller #nyj Craig Thomas

Having Dustin Keller back in the lineup the last couple of weeks has been a boon to the Jets offense. He missed time earlier this season with a hamstring injury.

“What a difference it makes to have that kind of target as a tight end,” Rex Ryan said. “It’s a size-speed combination that’s hard to defend. Clearly, it does open up other things because he has to be one of their central focuses. Like we said before about Santonio Holmes, they would basically roll the coverage and play cover-two (on him). You’re going to put two guys on Keller where you have a guy hit him at the line of scrimmage.

“Like where Welker has been there for all those years with (Tom) Brady. It’s a match-up problem. There’s consistency there. That’s what I think we have with Dustin Keller. He is that guy. He has been successful with Mark for a number of years (and) was our top receiver last year, so getting him back clearly makes a difference.”