Rex Ryan on the Jets’ running back. Craig Thomas

Rex Ryan was asked about the Jets’ stable of running backs on Wednesday, and here is what he had to say . . . .

“Ivory is not going to shine until you put the pads on. He’s a physical-style (running) back. So, we’re really not going to see what he’s all about until we really start putting the ball under his arm and letting him run.

“Here (during OTAs), we’re not really running the ball. We’re purposely doing that to protect our guys and to not risk guys going to the ground and all that type of stuff.

“So you’ve seen a lot more passes than some of our runs. (You’ve seen) more perimeter runs than anything else. [Ivory’s] a very physical (running) back and I think that’s when you’re going to see him step up.

“Bilal Powell, I’ve been really impressed with him. He’s come back in great shape and he’s going to compete for playing time as well. Joe McKnight has looked great as well.”

Ryan didn’t bring up Mike Goodson, who is currently dealing with legal matters.