Rex Ryan on the team’s off-season strength program Craig Thomas

This is the first off-season program for Jets’ strength coach Bill Hughan.

How is it going so far?

“I’m watching the guys,'” Rex Ryan said. “Just being around them, you see the energy, guys lifting, moving weights.  You see guys pushing and driving each other.  That’s a great thing.  As a football team it hurt us not having that time together (last off-season).

“Our attendance is probably as good as anybody’s in this league.  I would think it would be as good as anybody’s in this league.  The first two years right at 100%.  This year at 96% of a voluntary deal. Our guys want to be here, and they’re working hard.

“You’ve got to push yourself, get stronger in the off-season.  I want guys to be looking in the mirror looking at themselves.  When you look, you want guys who say, Yeah, I’m looking good, feeling good about themselves, feeling strong, being able to move people.  That’s what you want your team to be.  We want to play the part, for sure.  But it’s not bad looking the part either.”