Rex Ryan – Part II Dan Leberfeld

Q)Three touchdowns in five minutes . . .

Ryan: It was fantastic. I wish [RB] Shonn [Greene] would have just kneeled on it – gotten down to the one-yard line and kneeled on it. That was something I was a little upset with because of the simple fact we had to go back and play defense, you have to cover a kick, and sometimes I’ve seen guys get injured in those situations. And, that was something I was disappointed in myself for not telling them. I’ll take that responsibility.

Q)Where are your feelings going into the half leading by a field goal?

Ryan: The feeling going in there was not too good – a little disappointed. I think we have had seven returns that had been fumbled, which is ridiculous. We have to find a way to get it done. Leave [Jim Leonhard] out there and he’ll catch it in a hurricane. I’m fine with that.

Q)What is your confidence level like about the Jets making the playoffs?

Ryan: We know where we think we’re going.

Q)The touchdown to Santonio Holmes . . .

On Rex saying something to either player regarding Sanchez’s touchdown pass to WR Santonio Holmes:

Ryan: In critical times you look for #10 [Santonio Holmes] and there he was.