Rex Ryan previews the Houston Texans Craig Thomas

Rex Ryan had some random thoughts on the Houston Texans –

“It looks like they have a lot of weaknesses on their team. (joking) ‘Ryan slams Texans,’ that will be the headlines, that will be good. When you look at them, I really look at (Matt) Schaub. When he’s been the quarterback the last eight games, I think (in) seven of them, they’ve beat the opponent (by) 20 points or more, so that’s not a good thing. The guy’s extremely accurate with the football, that’s a given.

“Andre Johnson – he’s a guy that can take a short pass (and) take it the distance. He can go deep on you, (he has) speed, he’s got everything and we’ve said it every time we’ve played him. He’s just a tremendous player.

“When you look at (Arian) Foster, I don’t know how many guys are on pace to run the ball more than he is, and I’m talking about ever, in this league. They just give it to him, he’s a work horse. You have to make sure you can get him on the ground. He runs hard, runs that zone scheme, is a tremendous back, can catch the ball out of the backfield. It looks like their offense is really built on running the football, and that sets up everything else. They run hard play action and they throw the ball down the field. They’ll run bootlegs, screens, so they give you the whole gamut.

“Then defensively, I think Wade Phillips, obviously, has done a tremendous job there. That’s no secret, Wade always does a great job. But some of the pieces he has, when you look at J.J. Watt and you look at those outside edge rushers, that’s definitely a concern. You have a local product in Brian Cushing, so he’s going to be energized like he always is because he really doesn’t need to be, he always plays that way.

“It’s going to be a huge challenge for us. We have to find a way to keep scrapping and see what happens. I think our guys will be excited to play this game because you’re going against an outstanding opponent, on Monday night, in our building. I know we’re going to be energized and we’ll see what happens.”