Rex Ryan’s tap dance on Wayne Hunter Dan Leberfeld

Rex Ryan was asked about the struggles of right tackle Wayne Hunter, and his answer wasn’t particularly straight forward.
“I think it’s all of us,” Ryan said, when asked specifically about Hunter. “We can all learn from a guy making a mistake. I guess (Wayne Hunter) had a facemask penalty and a holding call, but those are things we try to clean up. The week before we had no penalties. This week, I think we had seven. We want to pride on ourselves in being the least penalized team in the league. Not just Wayne, but that’s for all of us. Sometimes, an offensive lineman, unfortunately, the only time you really notice one is when there’s a penalty or you give up a sack or something like that. It wasn’t all bad, the way Wayne played, he had a lot of good moments, as well. Unfortunately you see the penalties and the hit on the quarterback.”
This is the kind of answer that needs a follow-up question.